Little details as inspiration

Often it’s the little details and everyday things that inspire me the most. The cement walls in our basement have metal rust markings. I am fascinated by the flow of nature that we are surrounded by and historic artifacts. These elements have been the core of my inspiration and have influenced the aesthetic in every art piece.

Nature Reserve 01

This piece is inspired by the nature reserve that is constructed around our home. There are unusual organic shapes that form from different perspectives. With elements of natural materials and techniques, the composition is a play on layered textures that have developed from studying expressionistic and impressionistic movements. The pieces are a juxtaposition of modern art combined with timeless design. The visually appealing sculptural forms and neutral colour palettes are unusual. Art has become an integral part of design and architecture. Each piece is aimed to make an individual statement that will complement any style of design.

To find out more about the artwork styles and the story behind each piece, from this collection subscribe and share, or leave a comment below. Share your favorite art tips on Instagram and tag @plamena_danieli

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