Experimenting with the evolution of pottery.

This pottery collection is developed from gathering inspiration from artifacts and simplifying the process by stripping down to the basic essentials. The colour choices are influenced by the raw materials, organic forms, and friendly curvy lines. Playing on a clear chromatic palette that rather highlights the forms and singularities of each piece allowing it to evolve naturally.

The slow process is motivated by simply making prototypes that are influenced by intuitive and playful motions, as opposed to rigid and straight lines. The basic forms are molded from homemade substances which are then photographed and sent through to get hand made in clay. With the results formed by patterns that are made naturally by finger marks and organic traces that expose the true nature of the clay.

The range is a seasonal line of ceramic vessels and sculptures that are both modern, functional and celebrate traditional and modern shapes. They are intended for minimal style arrangements, with its unique features that stand out against any piece in your home. Create statement pieces as each one tells a story in your home, and celebrate the beauty of the ornaments, by pairing meaningful objects around the sculptures to tell your story.

Full Collection of artworks and sculptures coming soon. To find out more about the artwork styles and the story behind each piece, subscribe and share, or leave a comment below. Share your favorite sculptures on Instagram and tag @plamena_danieli

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