A Collection of Sculptures & Art

There is a certain softness and calmness to a soft minimalist space, with its slowing pace and creamy colour palette, combining modern and raw together is the perfect recipe for a contemporary aesthetic. Styling oversized sculptures and abstract art in a space adds to the overall mood. With the combination of raw clay and architectural structural abstraction the neutral tones of sand, milk whites and dark drowns create a soft and contrasting atmosphere. By using a minimal colour palette, it’s an easy way to achieve a layered look. Neutral shades keep the look soft, while it draws attention to the subtle contrasts of textures and materials.

Art and sculpture

I love the feel and weight of raw linen and the coolness of hemp fabric, it brings through natural characteristics that are unique to its kind. Those being some of my preferred materials to work with. As I build up my art collection I start to experiment with charcoal, pencil, fine liner and paints that are less harmful to the environment.

My process lies in the composition of the photographs I take around buildings and nature. I study the form and start layering to create a structural abstraction piece that is unique and up to the viewer’s interpretation. The layering of different forms that are found in nature. The designs of the sculptures evoke a mood and compliment the art pieces. All sculptural pieces have been designed functionally with a neutral colour palette to suit many spaces.

To finish off your look, incorporate one of the art pieces;

 with the sculptural vases and add a dried palm leaf to create texture and layering. Share your favorite art or sculptural pieces and inspiring artists or if you would like a more in-depth post on this topic leave a comment below. Share your favorite art pieces on Instagram and tag @plamena_danieli.

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