A Simple Office Nook

Soft Minimalism

Situated at the top part of our loft, this contemporary office nook outlooks the nature reserve, which is relaxing, allows focus and relaxation in a quiet space. I wanted to create a simple space that was light, proportional and comfortable. Our double volume ceiling and high windows flood in with natural light and warmth. I consider this style is about contrasting textures from natural materials to a neutral colour palette and by adding black to ground the space and extend its architectural details. Every room needs a little black as it’s contrasting and timeless.

Office Nook


I’ve opted for dark sleek furniture that is contrasting to the rest of our space. With light walls and white shelving, it grounds the area and works with the streamlines of the architectural railing. Both the chair and table have sleek metal details that follow the lines to the staircase.


The white floating shelves add an element of height, dimension and practicality, as well as a simple shelf, allow for the displayed objects to stand out, making it less cluttered. For this strategy to work, the walls either need to be light tone or white. Adding the shelf in a study, in this case, distinguishes a clear line between the office desk and the shelf, creating a backdrop for the work nook.

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