Behind the Art: A Contemporary Collection

It’s often the little details in everyday life that inspire me. Like the juxtapositions in nature, the oxidized walls of a historical building and old artifacts that have weathered through time. My philosophy is to showcase the beauty of imperfection, I look at imperfect shapes and compositions and gather my thought process from there. While there is inspiration all around us, nature is my primary muse and the basis of my creativeness that influences the form, texture and context of the final art piece.

The Story

My concepts start with observing my surroundings, sketching the forms and reemerging abstract pieces that envision the aesthetics of a minimal, subtle and gallant art form. Art opens up your senses and captivates something inside that can resonate with you. To set a tone that tells a story through your space in a neutral colour palette and depicts layers to create a multi-faceted visual. Creating a perfectly imperfect piece of art that embraces the space throughout.

An artwork should never over power a room, but rather enhance its experience and harmony. My art forms are based on creating basic shapes that depict an expression both artistically and philosophically. As I let my imagination flow organically and envision the process of an event. I am drawn to muscular and gestural designs that speak to the viewer at an emotional and interpretational level.  The compositions are arranged in a sympathetic manner.

Full Collection of artworks and sculptures coming soon. To find out more about the artworks styles and the story behind each piece, from this story telling collection subscribe and share, or leave a comment bellow. Share your favorite art tips on Instagram and tag @plamena_danieli

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