Black, White and Muted Neutrals

Soft Minimalism

Feeling calm, cozy and clean in a fresh muted room. A restrained neutral colour palette soothes and acts as a blank canvas for other elements in the space to stand out, like an exquisite lamp or the details on a headboard. Creating a setting that is inviting, warm and simple.

We kept our loft walls neutral as we have double volume ceilings and a pitched roof, with a modern industrial spiral staircase that is not only a statement piece, but acts as a room divider between the living area and kitchen. Each morning we get a glimmer of natural light seeping into our living space. Illuminating the wall colour into a warm grey. With the absence of colour, each object can be appreciated.

Loft colour palette

With our take on black, white and all neutrals in-between, we wanted to create a space that is livable, minimal and clean. Each contrasting elements are enough to make a statement in our space, as we let predominately neutral colour shades dominate our home. We separated our kitchen from the rest of the space, by painting the back wall and column in neutral black. Turning our kitchen to black and white while the rest of the space lives in neutrals.

A few general guidelines to consider is stick to white walls and neutral floors. Choose pale tones that keep your look minimal. Together with natural light, uncluttered areas and spacious furniture, you can create a soft minimal space that is well balanced.

Share your tips bellow on a neutral colour palette, or if you would like a more in-depth post on this topic leave a comment bellow. Share your favorite tips on Instagram and tag @plamena_danieli.

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