Original, Simple, Subtle: Soft Minimalism

I’m slowly shifting from monochrome interiors to more of a soft, subtle colour palette that we are seeing emerge into Soft Minimalism. It’s easy on the eye with the light colour palette of earthy tones, simple shapes and natural materials that are soft and nominal. These warm tones aim to dispel the myth that minimalism is stark, un-livable and cold. A minimalist setting can in fact become simple, warm and inviting. Pair with delicate textures and soft tones capturing a clean and simple space that characterizes a focused and refreshing room. We see this movement spread broadly into Interiors, attire, accessories and homeware.

Soft Minimalism Moodboard

I’m working towards creating a focused and considered style that improves my daily life. With minimalism being the core of my inspiration where I draw out form, texture and tones. A soft minimalist style is modernist with forgiving tones, ergonomic designs and mindful consumerism. With characteristics of stream-lines, neat finishes, unfussy handles and details. Considering finishes that are pared back and authentic in their designs. This movement very much leans towards us as consumers to make considered choices about buying less and buying better for all aspects.

I consider this style is about implementing contrasting textures from natural materials, raw timbers to clay and natural stone. It’s about the everyday luxuries that make daily rituals meaningful, from making a simple cup of tea to a collection of handmade soaps in your bathroom. Explore this movement with your clothing right to your interior.

Share your tips bellow on Soft Minimalism, or if you would like a more in-depth post on this topic leave a comment bellow. Share your favorite tips on Instagram and tag @plamena_danieli

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