Spring in mind- The Bathroom Essentials

As a designer and homeowner who has recently renovated our contemporary bathroom in a timeless monochromatic palette, it is time to change up our bathroom ranges as these sunny teaser days are getting us ready for the warm weather. With the virus keeping us indoors recently, we may not enjoy the outdoors quite like we used to. With the change of the season, it’s time to change the atmospheric scent in our home.

Bathrooms are underrated, and they are one of the first spaces we enter when we wake up and one of the last spaces we use before we rest. This season I’ve selected warm spicy notes of amber, ylang ylang and jasmine to uplift the senses, blended with sweet tones of black amber and black vanilla that enhance the overall experience in your bathroom.

Boost the ambiance of your space effortlessly. In terms of the colour palette, I’ve selected matt black, frosted finishes and amber glass that works well with the strong scents selected. These aromatic scents transports you through the African deserts.

Curated bathroom range for spring

The Moody Spring Collection

What caught my eye for spring was to incorporate a moody and strong scent that speaks visually and atmospherically to integrate in soft minimalism. I’ve selected a few items that are refined, simple and locally made.

The chunky black vanilla scented candle and organic charcoal & cedarwood soap, Weylandts. Botanical hand and body wash with blends of marula and baobab oils, Rain. Artisan matt black bowl, Mervyn Gers Ceramics. I hand selecting these products that have been thoughtfully created, hand-made and sustainable, they work beautifully in the setting in terms of texture, form and smell.

Soft minimalism

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