A Modern Bedroom

Simple, natural design was the inspiration for our loft. The warm colour palette, the vaulted ceiling adds an organic and raw aesthetic that complements our lifestyle and functionality of the space. When it comes to the home, I look at adopting a holistic approach to all aspects from the kitchen to the bedroom. Opting for natural materials that are breathable, timeless and long lasting. You can refine your bedroom by establishing a simplified colour palette for the space, by using neutral colour tones with other accents. The muted bedding in a linen blend, assists in smoothing out the darker lines of the furniture, adding textured and depth to the room.

The headboard is a linen and cotton blend that expresses the appearance of imperfect knots in the fabric, finishing it off with an oxford border that depicts the movement of the textile. On the queen size bed, I’ve selected king size bedding and an oversized scatter that is 50 x 90mm picking up the tones with a busy pattern. This tells a story and double layering the pillows to create coziness, or we double up against the headboard to relax or read.

Add shelving, books and plant features that will balance all elements together and include black or brushed copper or modern light fixtures to complete the room. Keep the bed pedestals classic in solid timber that ages well, or custom make side tables from slabs of natural stone, keeping them narrow to better suit relatively tight spaces.

Use unconventional plants that add texture and interest, I bought this palm leaf from our local florist that comes in various sizes and was cut down to the required size. I then left it in the sun to dry out and it turned into a lighter green colour. If you leave it out to dry in indirect sunlight it will turn a light hazel in colour. Recreate the same look from these exquisite brands for a contemporary bedroom.

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