Comfort loungewear with Lazuli

As our routines and lifestyles change, we find ourselves spending more and more time at home. Some of us work at a home desk, while others strive to leave in comfort and style. As we look at the current trends moving forward, we crave to feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the day in forward thinking designs that are made from natural fibers and unique designs. It’s important to find a balance between how we feel in an outfit and the environment we are in, in equal parts to ensure it keeps us motivated to tackle the day. What you wear is said to influence your mindset and overall performance. It’s key to dress the part whether you are laid back on your sofa or seated at your desk, as it improves mood and productivity.

Are you living the work-from-home life? Shop the most luxurious loungewear from Lazuli Clothing that balances comfort and style effortlessly. Each piece is timeless and uniquely designed to be worn by any body type. Lazuli supports sustainable practices and fair trade. Look at buying locally, which stimulates the South African economy.

Introducing three exquisite pieces that I have selected for this season from the latest collection to stay comfortable and stylish. The Knitwear Edit, Sweet Suit Sweater and the Puff Sleeve Shirt Dress. Each range can be worn all year round.

The Knitwear Edit

The Wrap Skirt variation 01
The Wrap Skirt variation 02

The Knit wear has been carefully designed for comfort at home and outdoors, that is suited for any occasion. Crafted in a top, wrap skirt and many variations, it comes in 5 natural tones mid grey, oatmeal, navy, charcoal and milk. The light, soft knit can be dressed up or down throughout the day.

Sweet Suit Sweater

Sweet Suit Sweater

Crew neck top with shirred cuffs elevates the detail in this design making it a classic pieces in your wardrobe. As it can be styled up with a pair of ripped jeans and boots or casually worn with sneakers and lounge pants.

Puff Sleeve Shirt Dress

Puff Sleeve Shirt Dress

This shirt dress style is perfectly constructed from 100% cotton that’s comfortable to wear while working from home, even during those long Zoom meetings. Wear the shirtdress as a duster, layered over jeans and boots.

Want to try on your favorites, tag @plamena_danieli and @lazulicapetown on instagram. Leave a comment below and look out for Part 2 of the loungewear collection.

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