Shelf styling with Wabi Sabi

Good styling takes some careful thought and process of seeking throughout our homes and around to cultivate objects around us. Find pieces that are inspiring and authentically beautiful, let’s look at the basics of how to begin to style a shelf, with what you have and what you can collect. Think about a colour palette that mimics what’s found in nature: Earthy tones, rusts, greens and greys. These colours create atmosphere of tranquility and harmony. By combining imperfection to your setting with a juxtaposition of objects, it will tell a story organically between the space and the objects selected.


“All small details add layers and textures, that create a unique visual to the person living there”



Identify the area you will be styling, is it a simplistic shelf, or coffee table in your living room or a bed pedestal in your bedroom. Measure out the space and start gathering items that will fit within each shelf. Start combining the objects by form, size and colour and play around with composition, experiment with height and layers.

Abandon Perfection

Creating simplicity in our culture signifies “organized perfection”, it may not be natural for us to seek the pleasures of simplicity. Accepting this shelf as imperfect, unfinished and transient goes deeper and celebrates the natural beauty around us, so let’s celebrate handmade.


Collect pieces that tell a story to your space. Get creative with colour, shape and style where you can mix up scale and proportion. Perfect balance by showing off unique pieces and making a shelf statement. Use bowls and trays for layering from large to small objects.

-Art Vessels & Vases

-Framed Sketch

-Inspirational books

-Ceramic bowls

-Sculptural pieces (Animal or people)

-Broken rocks

-Table lamp



-Candles & candles holders

The above is a guideline to assist you in gathering objects, as there are many items out there that you can utilize into your space. A Wabi Sabi approach is about showcasing and sustaining the natural beauty of each object. Nothing about nature is symmetrical or linear, so embrace the imperfection.

What objects do you have styled on your shelf’s? Share your tips bellow, or if you would like a more in-depth post on this topic leave a comment bellow. Share your favorite shelving tips on Instagram and tag @plamena_danieli

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