Foraging foliage for the home

It’s a cold lazy Sunday morning and we head down with a pair of clippers out to our nature reserve to explore and for foraging. We are looking for foliage or branches that have fallen from our local palms or trees. As they make up as beautiful floral arrangements and decor accents in the home. Nature is our greatest source of inspiration and the best part is stepping outside to explore fallen off leaves, branches and botanicals for our home, creating both a textural and sculptural element.

The purpose of foraging is to learn and appreciate the impermanence in nature. That we take note of and explore the beauty nature shapes and organically grow as flowers and foliage. There are many plants around us that make up unique ranges, if we just look closely. Take note of the pampas grass, palm leaves, tress branches, banksia Protea or anything that catches your eye.

Locally Grown

If you aren’t located around nature, explore further and take a day to visit the botanical gardens or a drive up the mountain where you will find hidden treasures. For a curated look in your home, opt for a florists that specialize in arrangements that will assist you in creating a beautiful setting for your home. Below are a few suggestions you can start exploring and any local florist can easily source these beauties.

Bird of Paradise flower

The Bird of Paradise makes a statement with their accentuated forms in dark charcoal, creams and khaki green. Place in a glass amber vase or a ceramic pot that will enhance its features. Its contemporary style will infuse the space with drama and interest.

Dried Protea & Sun Palm

The Protea and Sun Palm bring softness and a muted colour palette which will be ideal for Modern, boho and Mid-century spaces. Paired in a tall milk white vase to complement its neutral colour tones.  


If you’re looking for something simpler you can easily find branches around your space. Cut a long branch (it can either be bare or have leaves). Once you find a vase or pot, place it and start trimming to create its form and balance.

Foraging Tips

  • Try and find a large branch that you can shape and trim (You don’t want to end up with short stems)
  • Trim branches and smash the cut edges, this allows water to absorb into the branches and prolong the lifespan
  • Trim and cut until you find balance between the pot and plant, embrace the symmetry and the piece of nature you bring into your home.
  • Check to make sure that the branches are constantly hydrated and the pots are filled with water.

What makes good foraging? Share your experiences and your favorite tips on “Foraging foliage for the home” on Instagram and tag @plamena_danieli

Photo credits from top to bottom @mrjasongrant; @afloral; @erinhiemstra.

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