The power of Natural Green in our homes

Being exposed to the outside whether it involves greenery, fresh air or water makes us feel good. It provokes the release of good endorphins that assist in our moods and wellbeing. That’s why bringing a little outside in will make all the difference.

Paint colour

Implement restorative green shades into your space through wall colour. In nature, think about which spaces are calming for you. Being cocooned in the forest amongst the tall trees. Running wildly and free on the sand or soaking up then sun in the sand dunes. Implement the following tones into your space that you gravitate towards.

Forest Tones

– Restorative Green

– Sage

– Pistachio

Sea breeze tones

– White breeze

– Sky blue

– Warm Grey

Dessert tones

– Sand

– Warm Taupe

– White Milk

Opt for a sustainable paint colour that is lead free and has minimal to no toxic chemicals as advised on the label. As it’s more beneficial for the environment and your health. As you paint the toxic chemicals such as VOS (volatile organic compound) which are found in building materials, they release unstable chemicals that are harmful to our wellbeing and the environment.

Air purifying plants

By implementing air purifying plants into your space, they help to remove some pollutants in your home, as they absorb chemicals and particulate matter from the air. You can significantly improve the quality of the air circulation with these top 4 air purifying plants:

Devils Ivy

These decorative hanging plants are ideal for small spaces, it’s visually appealing and it can grow in any direction you steer it towards. It has the ability to filter harmful air pollutants through its leave. Style around a colour palette of black & charcoal or restorative greens.

Devils Ivy

Aloe Vera

As Aloe Vera is known for its health benefits in skincare products and complied into food recipes. They need to grow between medium to large indoor size plants, which will then only be beneficial as a purifying plant. Style around a colour palette of creams, whites, ochres and charcoals.

Aloe Vera Plant

Rubber Plant

This tough hearty plant grows swiftly and beautifully, with its shiny leaves creating a contemporary setting in any home. It absorbs contaminants through its rubber leaves, as water is drawn upward, air is drawn downward and out through the roots, to make clean air available to the roots and the environment around it. Pair in a contemporary settings with oak, almond white and dark hues of colour.

Rubber Plant

Snake Plant

One of the easiest plants to maintain, with its reputation of improving air quality. Its versatility is suitable for low light settings and can be placed in anywhere in the home. Ideal for bathrooms and entrance halls. Pair with a boho or mid-century styled room.

Snake Plant

What colours sooth you? Share your tips bellow, or if you would like a more in-depth post on this topic leave a comment bellow. Share your favorite tips on Instagram and tag @plamena_danieli

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