Creating a perfectly, imperfect home

We always strive to have the perfect home, speaking practically there is no such thing. The best way is to live well and have fun with your home that allows your personal style to come through. Create a relaxed, functional and comfortable home, just with a few well considered items and techniques that can completely change the feel of the space. Create a space for the best life with all its happiness and imperfection.


Get back to basics

Relook at your space and keep possessions to a minimum by inviting those items that bring beauty, nostalgia, functionality and utility into your home. This does not mean minimalism, it simply means to aim to keep things that are essential that truly brings your calmness and maximizes your happiness of everyday living.

Discover local artisan

Embrace and celebrate authenticity where it can be found and there is nothing more authentic than an artisanal piece. Shop and support local brands that are unique and mindful.

Choose materials that will age timelessly

Choose natural materials such as raw timber, linen, cement, ceramics and brass that even when they age with time they tell a story, such as creased uneven linen that has been washed and used that tells a story of family time and the memories that have been placed around the area. Or the raw oak dining table that has nicks and dents from cutlery and crockery over the years that have passed over the table.

Invest in pre-owned items

Find hidden treasures amongst the old stuff, you could be looking for a mid-century drinks trolley to incorporate in your space and playing with new vs old that tells an interesting story between before and now and how that personally fits your style.

Quality over quantity

Invest in pieces that speak to you. You’ve always wanted 100% bedding linen. Rather invest I one item than occasionally buying mass produced polyester because it’s inexpensive or you have an impulsive buy

Some of the questions I ask myself when before I purchase an item that could assist you in creating a personal space.

  1. Is this item mass produced?
  2. What is it made from?
  3. Will it last?
  4. I this an impulse buy?
  5. Will it fit the authenticity of my home?

These 5 questions are always on my mind before a purchase and always helps in the decision making process.

Creating a perfectly imperfect home is about what speaks to your authenticity and slowly building it up with items that have meaning to you.

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