Biophilia: On Interior Design trends

So many of us living in crowed towns and cities with outdoor areas being polluted and stress emerging diseases, our eco system is slowly crumbling and the high pressure and demand is taking a toll on us.

We hear the term Biophilia in design conversations, and it is fast becoming one of the most important considerations in residential and commercial design. The word was first coined and used in 1964 by psychologist Enrich Fromm which it defines as “the passionate love of life and all that is divine”. The word is an essential continuation of sustainable design that emerged in the mid-90s. This movement generated a large variety of buildings that were environmentally friendly and energy efficient.   

We take the concept one step further to design spaces that benefit people that live in them, and rather than just an aesthetic. Consciously by including organic shapes and bringing the outdoors in and rather strengthening a connection with all aspects of nature.

Focusing on the 5 key elements of Biophilia Design:

  1. Bring in natural lighting
  2. Large windows that look out on landscape sceneries
  3. Surround your home with large leafy plants, both indoor and outdoor areas
  4. Implement natural materials in your upholstery, rugs and furnishings with wool, cotton or linen. Use natural timber flooring and incorporate natural stone such as marble & granite into your surfaces.
  5. Consciously live in areas where you are surrounded by fresh air and plants

Start small today, possibly by incorporating plantation into your space or incorporate sustainable materials, natural light, vegetation, landscape scenery and other experiences of the natural world that you can build into the modern environment to create restorative and connective spaces.

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