5 ways to style your side tables

Metal, marble, steel or wood; these are the current materials forecasted to trend amongst side tables. Consider simple detailed marble, glass or metalic’s to showcase a displayed items, which provides a more balanced look. Use timber to ground the space as it appears warmer and homier. Below are 5 different ways to style a single or a cluster of side tables, from a minimalist look to a maximalist look.

Opt for one statement piece

If your style is minimal opt for a statement piece that will reflect the personality of the room. One item, such as oversized pottery or a sculptural piece that is eye-catching, will complete the overall look of the living room.

Add unusual pieces

What are unusual pieces? Add items that are not typically used in living rooms, such as a bowl of lemons that adds freshness and colour, an iron teapot with ceramic bowls or a sculptural animal in brass. This look can either be kept minimal or cluttered with a variety of objects that tell a story.

Add Height

Add different pieces to create height and interest. Start with a book, vase, candle or sculptural piece to build height. Utilize this method to create a maximalist look with mixing a variety of different objects.

Go Green

Adorn your side tables all in greenery with plants that are easily maintained such as succulents or cactus. Contrast the planters in glass or ceramic pots in different sizes to create diversity.

Display book collections 

Pick out a few classics, magazines or books (on your list to read). Pick books that tell a story or even family history which is a great conversation starter. Book suggestions that would work are Fashion designers, such as Ralph Lauren (bold writing, sleek black and white cover), Gardening books, inspired biographies, interior designers and travel oversized books are great to feature.

Which style are you, a minimalist or a collector? Leave a comment bellow as to how you would display your living room tables?

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