Dulux 2020 Colour Trends

A New Year is approaching, which means a fresh new start by updating your paint colour with Dulux colour of the year Tranquil Dawn. Dulux has announced their colour of the year for 2020 and describes how tranquil dawn mimics the morning sky and how it can work with many Interior spaces.

A large team of Dulux paint specialists work together to research and create the upcoming trends for each year. The brand captures and leads the annual trends and explains why Tranquil Dawn has been selected as Colour of the year 2020.

“It reflects a growing desire to understand what it is to be human at a time when advances in technology are making us feel increasingly disconnected from each other. It’s a reminiscent of the colours of the morning sky and our desire to treasure our most human qualities, which we’ll need as we enter into a new decade” – Dulux.

A series of 4 palettes have been created to compliment Tranquil Dawn, it is described to be a fluid tone with a combination of blue, green and grey which works beautifully as a muted tone in many interiors.

  • Care Palette

The colours are soft on the eye and a reminder of a hazy morning sky, with a mix of gentle tones such as creams, blush pinks, mint greens and soft greys. What works well with these tones is they flow into one another from previous trends, which makes it easier to blend or add additional tones into your home.

Pair this palette with pale timbers such as ash or light wood washes. Add a combination of plush fabrics such as velvets. Bring in natural elements such as cotton and wool to keep it warm and contemporary. To create a more luxurious feel add metallics such as copper, gold or silver as any of these would work with this diverse palette which ranges from greys to creams. Create a sense of calmness and relaxation with this muted palette.  

  • Play Palette

This vibrant playful palette is a reminder of the hot summer days. It will bring love and energy into any space. With its bold colours of Sulphur yellow and coral, it enhances the vibrancy of the playful palette.

Pair this palette using vibrancy on walls, rugs or throws. Make use of playful shapes in various geometric patterns and a mix of materials.

Play Palette – Dulux
  • Meaning Palette

The meaning palette is a reminiscence of the horizon on a winter’s day, this cool toned palette creates calmness, silence and deep contemplation which is ideal for a minimalist look. Use architectural elements such as marble, textured fabrics, leather, concrete furniture and steel. Where a combination of clean lines meets form and function.

Create an easy going and contemporary space with this sensible palette.

  • Creativity Palette

Be inspired by colours of autumn with intense tones of ochres, forest green and tangerine. The creativity palette allows you to create moody and atmospheric spaces.

Use materials such as leather, dark timbers and ceramics, as well as floral prints, intense colour printed rugs, natural cottons and wool throws.

Creativity Palette – Dulux

With the New Year approaching, hopefully the 4 Palettes have given you a sense of inspiration to transform your home into either a soft, calm space with the Care Palette. Inject some vibrancy into your life with the Play Palette. Bring silence and deep contemplation with the Meaning Palette or simply intensify your space with the Creativity Palette.

If you have any ideas how to utilize these palettes leave a comment bellow.

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