Styling a Bathroom Vanity

After renovating our modern bathroom with oversized porcelain tiles and a black and white pattern running across the floor onto a feature wall. We wanted to keep the vanity minimal, modern and artisanal, but at the same time tell a story through items we collect.

Let’s look at basics, what is needed is a hand wash set with soft cotton hand towels. Start building a story around the essentials that you can use such as soaps, creams and diffusers. I’ve come across a beautiful story about a couple and how they started their journey making soaps in their kitchen, then moving towards a natural lifestyle where their brand O’live was manifested.

Choose handmade plates and bowls to display soaps or other items such as cotton balls, hand towels, diffusers or candles. What we love about Klomp Ceramics is the organic shape of the plates that come in assorted tones that you can mix, match and layer as we did with the pastel pink, layered with a subtle marble plate. They have a clean look that fits perfectly with our bathroom and helps to tell a story about our style.

90% of the time I look out for local companies that I can support and engaging with their stories. The style and packaging will also contribute to the look and feel you want to achieve in your bathroom. Keep it simple, tell a story and enjoy your space.

What do you have displayed on your vanity?

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