Luxury Living- Shop the look

We are seeing an influx of round curvy furniture in sofas, occasional furniture, rugs and accessories. The world of design is about to do a big turn in rounded furniture. Bauhaus inspired edges are being dramatically softened by the soft round curves of everyday objects we live in.

The look of tiny little boxes scattered, we find ourselves feeling like we live in a 3 dimensional cube.  The soft curves creates a relaxing and comfortable environment. With a mix of plush textures, neutral colour palettes and metallic finishes we see ourselves in a luxurious timeless space.

Shop the look with local homeware brands, when it comes to choosing furniture, look out for soft curvy shapes, clean lines, soft details, velvet and plush finishes. Let’s start with the floor and perimeter of the space. Source a plain plush soft rug either rectangular or round. Both can be sourced at Hertex. Create a cluster of round gold side tables to mix and match, this is where you can play with details source a variety from Weylandts. Choose chunky cozy occasional furniture, with plush textures from Living Spaces. Add curvy embroidery designs for the detailing. Finally balance the height of your dinning or living room with the art deco inspired pendant from K Light.

If you would like a list of manufacturers that can create this style sofa leave a comment bellow.

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