Create your Mood-Boosting space

Our home is a representation of who we are and the objects we have collected throughout the years. We all want our homes to look good, however what’s more important is how the space makes us feel. Below we will share practical advice on how to make your space feel welcoming for you.

A major study reveals links between homes and your well-being (GoodHome [1]) that 73 percent of people who are happy with their homes are generally happier. As our homes makeup for 15% of our total happiness. One in 4 people say they are completely content with their homes. There are 4 ways to create Mood-Boosting and joyful spaces.

  1. Declutter and Rearrange

Start off with the space that you feel less satisfied in or that you seem to avoid because of the clutter, boredom or other reasons. Firstly cleanup and put everything in its place. Look at the overall space, break it up mentally into small areas, such as the sofa, coffee table and rug/ or the tv, console and plants. Study them by using your intuition and ask yourself.

  • What do you like in this room
  • What is creating chaos
  • What are the functional items you need in the space
  • What could you live with out

Once you have identified the basics and what you don’t need, recycle or give away to charity. “Always picture a room as it’s a visual embrace”. Use texture, colour and objects to create the right atmosphere. This will create harmony and functionality.

2. Make small changes

Make changes to your home on a regular basis, as it is stimulating and visually appealing. It doesn’t have to be expensive or drastic changes. Start with small steps. I always bring in a new plant as it changes the atmosphere instantly and brings in freshness. Changes I make frequently to freshen up a space, is to change your rug yearly (purchase occasional rugs to instantly change the feel and theme of the space). Mix up scatters seasonally and change up reading books on your coffee table. Repaint or wallpaper a small section in your home to create a moody or vibrant feel.

3. Green Spaces

Your levels of happiness are determined by how much greenery you add to your space, without it we are significantly less happy. I make sure there is a plant in every room of the house. To improve your well-being and brighten your day fill your space with a bunch of flowers, they stimulate visually and are relaxing. I particularly prefer greenery that lasts longer such as the strelitzia, delicious monster and banana leaves, and always brighten up my day. They are also easy to maintain and last for several months.

4. Add Character

To celebrate your individuality add character and happiness to your home. Create a focal point making it the “heart of the room”. Add pieces of ceramics, ornaments, art and sculptures to reveal your rare treasures and tell your story. This will help you to boost your home’s mood, making it a happier place.

What makes your home a happier place?

[1] GoodHome

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