Wall Paneling Installations- Dado Rails

Dado rails are a great way to create depth, texture and framing to your wall for interest. In the 19th century dado rails were used to protect walls from getting damaged and would generally keep them at a height of 1200mm. They would serve a number of purposes which would split the wall into 3 parts, top dado rail was to hang artworks, as well as optically bring down the ceiling height and the lower rail would protect the height of the furniture from scratching the walls. Now we can play around with forms to create interesting features that at both antithetical and functional.


How to style rooms with Dado Rails

Dado rails can accentuate and create interest to bear walls, with sectioning off walls to create divided spaces, colour blocking with paint techniques and framing large visuals to create a focal point in the room.


Create elongated panels in the kitchen to add depth and paint in two tones. Matches beautifully with a farmhouse or Modern kitchen with shaker style doors and engineered stone tops.


It’s easy to style one of the walls in your bedroom with adding lighting, headboards and the bed against one side of the wall. Mirror the room by paneling both sides of the room to make the room look longer.


If your desk is situated against the wall, use paneling to section the wall into calendars, mood boards or oversize wallpaper prints as artworks in the panels. This technique will personalize and section off the study area.


Leave a comment below of how you utilized dado rails in your home.

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