Upholstering in Linen

The thought of linen sparks up three of my senses; the Smell captures a story of the natural flax that had gone through the manufacturing processes and the conditions of that factory. When I pick up (Feel) the linen for the first time, I experience the heavy weight and movement which I use to envision how the curtains/furniture pieces will be made up. Seeing the imperfections and the wasted out colour, tells a story and process of each piece.


Linen is known for its versatility, it goes through a process making it durable, strong and breathable. It’s cooler to the touch and can at times feel rough due to the nature of the fabric. Check the label if it’s suitable for upholstery or curtaining makeup. Know where you will be placing your furniture before you chose your material and whether it is exposed to direct sunlight or shade. If exposed to direct sunlight the colours will fade. What’s great about linen is you can achieve a variety of different looks to suit the style of your home.


You have just bought your new crisp piece of linen and you need to wash it before you make it up? The answer is yes and no; because linen does shrink when it’s washed, the last thing you want is getting slipcovers made for your chairs and then they don’t fit after the first round of washing.

Generally linens are pre-treated. If they aren’t, before you make up your cover, you will need to wash the fabric roll in extremely hot water and a good spin in a tumble dryer. This will shrink the fabric down by 4-5%.


First consult with the label if it’s dry clean or machine washable. If there is no label, hire a professional cleaning upholstery company. If you get a few stains and blotches, quickly remove with lukewarm water by rubbing in a circular motion. If tea or coffee stains occur, dab sunlight liquid first and then wash off with lukewarm water. For heavier stains such as makeup or lipsticks, dab with benzene or alcohol and finish off with lukewarm water. Machine wash your lighter colour linens in warm water and darker shades in cooler cycles. It’s important that all traces of soap residue is removed and dried naturally under a shaded area.

Enjoying linen in your space

The beauty of linen brings through a sense of nature into your home. You can style it clean and structured or raw and loose. Linen comes in various blends and colours to suit your look that you want to create. Personalise your pieces with embroidery, various stitching’s or border effects.

If you have any questions on linen or other fabrics, leave a comment below.

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