8 Shoes, 8 Tiles with Decobella

You’re renovating your home either choosing a floor, wall or splashback tile and there are so many options out in the market. Choosing the right tile isn’t always easy if you don’t have a style to work with. In collaboration with Decobella we have taken upon an 8 week challenge to help you identify your style with the 8 looks below.

Identifying your style

  1. Modern Contemporary
  2. Modern Farmhouse
  3. Meet me in Marrakesh
  4. Retro Illusion
  5. Styling in Spain
  6. Industrial Urban
  7. Modern Boho
  8. Modern Industrial

1 Modern Contemporary

If your style is minimal and you prefer clean lines, textures and textiles then this style is for you. The Hexagonal tiles comes in 5 plain neutral colours and 2 patterns. Mix these tiles with linens, leather, textures and bold patterns, this look is great to tone down your look or keeping it quirky with the hexagon shape.

2 Modern Farmhouse

Being a traditionalist you will appreciate the authenticity and the stories behind this tile. Create a nostalgic look by adding aged materials, paired with cement walls. Tile with Lacour Red to achieve the look, comes in 2 other colours.

3 Meet me in Marrakesh

A traditionalist is attracted to classic shapes and historic details. A colour palette consisting of subdued and aged tones. Envision this tile in an entrance hall or undercover patio looking out into the garden while enjoying an afternoon lunch. Pair FS Nijar tiles paired with antique colours, detailed trimmings and panel wallpapers.

4 Retro Illusion

Create an optical illusion in any small space with 3d blocks printed on tile. The illusion helps to create a bigger space run the tiles vertically from floor to wall, pair with solid timber and Jewel tones such as amber yellow, emerald green or amethyst purple. Deco Chic Sandy Grey comes in a monochromatic colour way which would work well in bathrooms, entry halls or commercial spaces.

5 Styling in Spain

Is your style classic, sophisticated and bold? This style should speak to you, the bold patterns and aged technique tells a timeless story. FS Marrakesh comes in 2 colour ways to create a dramatic effect in a living room or kitchen wall. The team have selected this beautiful range from Spain.

6 Industrial Urban

Copper pipes, raw timber and FS Chester complete the look for an urban environment. The intricate 2 toned tile gives warmth to any spaces where there would typically be concrete walls, rough beams and exposed ductwork. The Range is suitable for both floors and wall application.

7 Modern Boho

If your setting is informal and an unconventional mix of materials than this style/ tile is for you. The Jaen tile is intricate, bold and monochromatic, as it can work well with different styles. We wanted to create a fun bold look for any space. To create the boho look with this tile typically use rich colours, bold textures, miss matches patterns and layers of organized clutter.

8 Modern Industrial

Add a statement piece to your space with the FS Star that comes in 4 bold colours from rustic orange to khaki green. Pair with bold patterns such as stripes or dots, the aged look of the tile would work in a Rustic farmhouse setting to a kiddes room or an Industrial style café. All tiles mentioned above are suitable for floor and wall application.

The genres above can guide and help you into choosing your true authentic style. There are no rules into mixing and matching, however once you find your style you can start building up your space and telling your story.

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