11 Millennial Pink décor items for your home

We have flourished into a pink era and are seeing it everywhere in the backgrounds of social media feeds, fashion trends, food and décor items. This is the year of Millennial pink which design enthusiasts call Rose Quartz, and can range from candyfloss, Mauves to Salmon pink hues.

Just how did the movement start? We need to look back at the colour of the year in 2016 Rose Quarts (paired with Serenity). The hue of the tone is to serve a stress free life in the modern day times. The tone is universal in a sense, that it appeals to both male and female and fits in current home décor styles such as Modern Contemporary and Scandi looks. There is a scientific explanation why this muted tone soothes and has been proven by, the Journal of Orthomolecular Psychiatry, to reduce stress and aggression.

If you are obsessed with this trend we have created 11 décor items to freshen up any current look from the living room to the Bedroom.

Salmon pink Crema

Modern low chunky sofa in Salmon Pink sourced at Crema.


Beautiful bloom rug 240 x 330cm in size, sourced at Hertex.

Black and chisel.jpg

 Contemporary Occasional Chair with brass trimming sourced at Block and Chisel.


Thick knotted textured blanket made from 100% Merino Wool sourced at KNUS.

Rosegold eleven past

Modern rose gold pendant for Kitchens and living rooms sourced at Eleven Past.

Vases La Grange

These artisan vases come in 2 sizes sourced at La Grange.

Hote Coffee designs

Printed scatter 60 x 60cm with a Japanese Inspiration sourced from Hot Coffee Designs.


Oxford pillowcase in candyfloss pink sourced at Woolworths.

Guest towels H&M

2x Guest towels 100% cotton with flamingo print sourced at H&M.


Floor pouff upholstered in velvet sourced at SHF.


Artisan mugs in Mauve (earthen range) sourced from Mervyn Gers Ceramics

If you have any suggestions or your obsessed with this trend leave a comment below.

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