Modern Boho Bedroom- Shop the look

This Month on ‘Shop the Look’ we get inspired from the Boho traditional styles and show how we can incorporate a relaxed bedroom look with a bohemian twist. Boho has been associated with writers, intellectuals and artists for over 200 years. It incorporates various ethnic styles representing cultural creativity and indifference to social structure and traditions. We incorporate this 1950’s Craft Era style when we combine natural elements with handmade.The style is all about natural textures, creamy to terracotta tones and layering the space with scatters, throws and occasional furniture which can be organically placed to your taste.

The heart of the home is your bedroom and with the external environment being formal we want to achieve a place of fantasy and a relaxed sanctuary that we can come home and wake up to. With this sophisticated approach to Boho you can shop the look with local homeware brands. Natural pieces such as ratten, wool and cotton are encouraged to be used in order to achieve this look. Start off by layering the bed with throws (Mungo) and add textured knotted scatters (Weylandts). Be playful with the tones and bold patterns. Collect rattan pieces for the occasional chair (Malawi Cane), a hanging light (Esque) and foot stool (Design Afrika). Always locate rattan handmade furniture to support local businesses. These beautiful handmade macramé wall hanging tapestry (House of Grace) add natural wall art and to contrast the space with greenery, use indoor palms (Folha) or other plants that have finer leaves to contrast the bulky patterns and textures in the room.

If you have any suggestions on the modern take on Boho, Leave a comment below.

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