Colour Forecast with Dulux 2019

As spring approaches, Dulux introduces 34 colour ways categorized in 4 themes titled Filter.

Filter focuses on technologies working at full blast while, humanity is being bombarded with reminders, invitations and social media. Through social media we have a choice to block out the negative and “like” the positive which brings us happiness. With all the information directly at our fingertips we are open to curating our own individual style and mindfully tap into issues that we care about.

Dulux introduces 4 mindful themes; ‘Repair’, ‘Wholeself’, ‘Legacy’ and ‘Identity’ (All themes can be found at I gravitated towards Wholeself which describes the brain being in overdrive and the pantones suggested help to switch off the noise around your environment and clear out the mental clutter. Wholeself helps us to calm, declutter and reconnect with ourselves.


The tones chosen in the collection are soothing and help to switch off visually and mentally. In the bedroom use soft tones in camel beige (Lama), mauve pinks (Blind date) and clay (Italian Clay) to soften the room into a warm relaxed zone. For a chilled and relaxed retreat, use tones such as cooler beige (Shetland lace half), yellows (Limone) and cooler hues of blues (New life). The key to this successful trend is to gradually layer the tones from soft light beiges (Ecru) to darker tones (Italian Clay / Moodest Mauve) which adds depth. Using these tones will create a sanctuary in any bathroom.



Keep walls light and airy by using the lighter shade of the colour spectrum (Sliver Thaw), detail should be minimal but intriguing. When choosing furniture chose shades middle tones (Madame Mauve) add soft plush textures with velvets, cottons and leather, contrast with heavy knotted textures such as wool. Use the pops of colour for scatters and accessories (Limone, New life and Gold Dust). To tie the look together each piece in the room should have meaning and purpose that tells a story from the shape of the occasional tables to the handmade ceramic vase you bought in Italy which will personalize your space.


Which theme did you relate to? Leave your comment below.

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