Moroccan Style Bathroom

IMG_2537.JPGIf you’re looking to bring an exotic yet elegant feel to your home, you should consider elements found in Moroccan style which has become one of the popular trends in Interior design globally. It takes its roots from Moroccan architecture, which is a blend of several cultures surrounding the Mediterranean, North Africa, Persia and Middle Eastern influences that makes it unique and specific to styling a Moroccan home.

Due to its intricate patterns, bold colours, textures and designs it has a strong influence in both residential and commercial spaces. Below I will show you how we have transformed our small bathroom into a contemporary Moroccan style that’s timeless for years to come.

Colour scheme

Depending on the general look and feel you would like to achieve either calming, relaxing, atmospheric or moody, it can be overwhelming to choose the right colours. As the base to work from, choose a neutral colour that will work with and focus on patterns. For our base colour we have chosen a black and white scheme as it creates a timeless and contemporary look.

Texture & Pattern

Morocco is all about contrasting intricate bold patterns with texture for a modern look. We focused on the floor as the main feature and used oversized pattern tiles (150 x 150mm) with a slight texture for practically. The walls are in high gloss porcelain (1200 x 600mm), with grey veins replicating marble which slightly reflects the oriental pattern into the wall, making the space appear larger. This technique works perfectly for small bathrooms when the light reflects into the space.


We added matt black fixtures for the basin mixer, shower mixer and shower head. To neutralize the space, we brought in natural elements to add warmth such as a bamboo ladder to display towels. With the dramatic look of the oversized patterned tiles, choose a few contrasting towels, a pop of colour such as mustard, emerald green or peacock blue paired with striped Turkish towels with a tassel border.


For a tropical luscious look add banana leaf plants or for a slender look fill your bathroom with the Sansevieria (snake plant) which adds great architectural form to the room and purifies the air. Add planters in woven baskets that are plain and patterned. Remember to add plants that don’t need additional watering, but get hydrated from the steam of the shower.

The key to this trend is mixing modern and exotic elements with natural textures paired with oversized patterns. As we think of Marrakesh and the ambiance that lives in the city, add lots of candles and fragrances for a full experience.

Does this look appeal to you? Leave a comment below.

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