Modern Boho Entrance


We all have that empty space as we walk into our homes. Thought of adding a pop of colour, a mirror or wall hooks at the entrance but cannot make up your mind as how to place it? With a few simple additions you can Shop the Look and bring eccentric yet relaxed Modern Boho Styles to your space.Shop the look Boho

We first start with a dramatic wall colour which you can find at Plascon (Code Auberge #66). This colour grounds the room and emphasises the furniture in front of it. The Sideboard adds texture and natural tones to the space which can be sourced at Eleven Past. The oversized diamond shaped rug adds a bespoke touch and lightens up the entrance. These beautiful hand woven rugs can be found at Coral and Hive. For a touch of metallic, use round mirrors with brass edging, which can be sourced at Weylandts. Add artisan vases with seasonal plants for an organic look, paired with materials such as concrete and clay, sourced from Aura Furniture.

Does this look work for you? Leave a comment below.

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