Loft 313

Welcome my beautiful friends,

I’ve created a platform to share my passion in Interior Design, trends, Décor and lifestyle. I studied Interior Design in the heart of Cape Town which lead me into the world of textiles, styling, retail and photography. I will be taking you on a journey through daily expeditions around Cape Town in search of new Interior trends, contemporary designs and best buys.

Loft 313 was born out of inspiration from my living space where all projects and inspirations happen. I have carefully curated a space to suit my needs as an art studio, working space, inspiration hub and a living home.

On that note I will be sharing content with you on a weekly basis on my experiences, expertise, ‘shop the look’ boards, styled photographed images and answering questions such as “What colour should I paint my wall?”; “What are the current trends?”; “How to…”. As we live in the post-modern era, we no longer crave wasted spaces but Interiors that encourage functionality and connection, and how each piece in your home is important and has a need.

I believe in achieving a sense of community where we can share our experiences and knowledge. How can you get involved? Leave a comment below.


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