Our Approach

Plamena Danieli Studio is an engaged interior design & art studio, which is directed towards a mindful design ethos that specializes in kitchen and bathroom renovations, creative direction, styling and commissioning contemporary artworks. We specialize in residential and commercial projects to fit the brief and design specifications, creating memorable spaces that are timeless.

Interior Design & Styling

Artisanal Sculptures

Contemporary Artworks

The Design Studio

We create custom interior concepts for residential, commercial and property developments. With kitchen, bathroom and bespoke solutions to complete rooms. Our aim is to make mindful decisions in creating conscious spaces that are simple, practical yet comfortable.

As a design focused studio, we figure out the most creative ways to design a space that is suitable for each clients aesthetic and comfort.

The Art Studio

To have a custom piece tailored to fit your specific space. Provide swatches, measurements textiles and images of the surrounding spaces. Creating a unique and custom piece of art while providing an open and collaborative process.

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