Loft 313 House Plant Guide

Plants have become a real trend to add in any space especially over-sized and interesting ones. They have a charm that creates a whimsical feel and each plant has its benefits and characteristics. Loft 313 with its double volume ceiling was desperately needing some greenery. After experimenting these last couple of months where best the plants live, they moved from the balcony, bathroom, bedroom and living room until they settled in their most suited environment.

We have put together a plant guide of the top 3 plants that live amongst our space. If you are inspired to add some greenery into your home or working space, consult with your local nursery to direct you what is best suited for your space. Below is a general overview on tips and taking care of your indoor plants.

Caring for your indoor plants

Before you go out and buy a forest. It’s worth considering that it takes time and effort to take care of your plants and be patient as they do take time to grow consistently and healthy. Depending on the species some do need extra care while others need minimal. Here are general tips to keep in mind.


All plants need sunlight for photosynthesis regardless if they are indoor or outdoor, the amount of sunlight for each plant differs. It’s better to first research which plants prefer direct sunlight hitting their leaves or sunlight reflecting against them. If too much light is exposed leaves can get dull and brown spots / edges may occur.

The way your indoor plants are watered determines their longevity. Over watering your plant may cause exposed root rotting, during the winter cycles this is more likely to happen as there is moisture in the air, decrease the amount of water given to the plant especially as they are indoor.

In order for your plant to grow healthier they do need to be cleaned. Take a damp cloth or sponge and clean the leaves as it removes dust and insects. It’s not only for aesthetics but the dust blocks the plants pores from the ability to breath. The leaves will perk up, look shiny and healthy.

Loft 313 has made a selection of 3 plants that work in the space.

Bird of Paradise

The Bird of Paradise loves its sunlight and hydration. They do require water once or twice a week to keep the soil moist, be careful not to over water during the winter cycles. Keep the leaves clean and as a treat spray mist once a month onto the plant to maintain its humidity levels. We like to keep the Bird of Paradise in the lounge due to the lofts double ceiling it has plenty of space to grow tall.


Rubber Plant

The rubber plants are easy to maintain, our one just got a new leave which is showing signs of a healthy plant. They love bright light but shaded areas and you only need to water them once or twice a month. If the leaves are dropping simply increase the water intake and give them a good shine. Our plant lives best in the bathroom and bedroom as it also absorbs the moisture from the shower. We love this plant as it’s one of the easiest plants to grow and maintain. However too much moving around and it may cause to drop its leaves.


Fiddleleaf Fig

Fiddles also known as ficus, are the more sensitive plants; they prefer warm indirect light close to a window. Water your plant once or twice a week and let the water run through and allow the soil to dry through watering. Spray your plant once a month to keep the humidity levels just right. The healthier the plant the bigger the leaves grow. We have situated our ficus on the balcony of our bedroom where its exposed to indirect sunlight. It creates an enchanted feeling with its over-sized leaves and mini tree characteristics.


Do you have a preferred plant, leave a comment below.


Wake up your walls with 10 tones

It’s that time of year to start thinking about freshening up your walls for the holidays. This week we will be showcasing 10 Plascon colours to ‘wake up your walls’ from the trending tones of the colour forecast ( we are seeing for 2019. Walls are a simple and inexpensive way to freshen up a look or change the mood of the room completely.

Wake up ypur walls

Bali Deep, is a moody blue which is suitable for bathrooms, kitchens or entrance halls, this tone is intense and compliments naturals pieces of furniture.

Pancakes, this light airy pink tone has proven its self over and over again that it’s not just for a nursery, but for sophisticated adult’s rooms.

Plaster, sophisticated taupe hue, lives dynamically in coastal areas, classic and modern scandi looks.

Beijing Moon, is an earthy grey with a slight purple undertone, suitable for bathrooms, living rooms and patio areas. This tone is well complimented with Sparkling Lemon Lime and jungle greens.

Light Sage, lives beautifully in modern kitchens and undercover patio’s. Paint your splash back tiles to add some colour and add terracotta pots with herbs next to the stoves for freshness this spring.

Spiced Cider, Light creamy terracotta which is suitable for bedrooms, studies and patio areas. We would suggest to apply the paint by using the paintbrush in different directions and going in with a wet sponge to give it a timeless look.

White Opal, this muted earthy green tone lives hand in hand with Light Sage in a rustic style kitchen. Use white opal as a texture or crockery.

Black Bean, we love the dramatic tone of black bean coffee for spring in any bathroom paired with an oversized floral or jungle leaf wallpaper to add a touch of mystery.

Ewa, has a modern and architectural feel, suitable for patio area, entrance hall and exterior.

Sparkling Lemon Lime, has been carefully selected to be able to compliment all the above tones. Use this colour on accent walls and accessories.

Light Terracotta, Mauves, pinks and terracotta have come back in a big way, for a creamier, warmer look us in bedrooms, study and undercover patio.


If you have a preferable tone, please leave a comment below.

11 Millennial Pink décor items for your home

We have flourished into a pink era and are seeing it everywhere in the backgrounds of social media feeds, fashion trends, food and décor items. This is the year of Millennial pink which design enthusiasts call Rose Quartz, and can range from candyfloss, Mauves to Salmon pink hues.

Just how did the movement start? We need to look back at the colour of the year in 2016 Rose Quarts (paired with Serenity). The hue of the tone is to serve a stress free life in the modern day times. The tone is universal in a sense, that it appeals to both male and female and fits in current home décor styles such as Modern Contemporary and Scandi looks. There is a scientific explanation why this muted tone soothes and has been proven by, the Journal of Orthomolecular Psychiatry, to reduce stress and aggression.

If you are obsessed with this trend we have created 11 décor items to freshen up any current look from the living room to the Bedroom.

Salmon pink Crema

Modern low chunky sofa in Salmon Pink sourced at Crema.


Beautiful bloom rug 240 x 330cm in size, sourced at Hertex.

Black and chisel.jpg

 Contemporary Occasional Chair with brass trimming sourced at Block and Chisel.


Thick knotted textured blanket made from 100% Merino Wool sourced at KNUS.

Rosegold eleven past

Modern rose gold pendant for Kitchens and living rooms sourced at Eleven Past.

Vases La Grange

These artisan vases come in 2 sizes sourced at La Grange.

Hote Coffee designs

Printed scatter 60 x 60cm with a Japanese Inspiration sourced from Hot Coffee Designs.


Oxford pillowcase in candyfloss pink sourced at Woolworths.

Guest towels H&M

2x Guest towels 100% cotton with flamingo print sourced at H&M.


Floor pouff upholstered in velvet sourced at SHF.


Artisan mugs in Mauve (earthen range) sourced from Mervyn Gers Ceramics

If you have any suggestions or your obsessed with this trend leave a comment below.

Modern Boho Bedroom- Shop the look

This Month on ‘Shop the Look’ we get inspired from the Boho traditional styles and show how we can incorporate a relaxed bedroom look with a bohemian twist. Boho has been associated with writers, intellectuals and artists for over 200 years. It incorporates various ethnic styles representing cultural creativity and indifference to social structure and traditions. We incorporate this 1950’s Craft Era style when we combine natural elements with handmade.The style is all about natural textures, creamy to terracotta tones and layering the space with scatters, throws and occasional furniture which can be organically placed to your taste.

Modern boho bedroom blog

The heart of the home is your bedroom and with the external environment being formal we want to achieve a place of fantasy and a relaxed sanctuary that we can come home and wake up to. With this sophisticated approach to Boho you can shop the look with local homeware brands. Natural pieces such as ratten, wool and cotton are encouraged to be used in order to achieve this look. Start off by layering the bed with throws (Mungo) and add textured knotted scatters (Weylandts). Be playful with the tones and bold patterns. Collect rattan pieces for the occasional chair (Malawi Cane), a hanging light (Esque) and foot stool (Design Afrika). Always locate rattan handmade furniture to support local businesses. These beautiful handmade macramé wall hanging tapestry (House of Grace) add natural wall art and to contrast the space with greenery, use indoor palms (Folha) or other plants that have finer leaves to contrast the bulky patterns and textures in the room.

If you have any suggestions on the modern take on Boho, Leave a comment below.


Colour Forecast with Dulux 2019

As spring approaches, Dulux introduces 34 colour ways categorized in 4 themes titled Filter.

Filter focuses on technologies working at full blast while, humanity is being bombarded with reminders, invitations and social media. Through social media we have a choice to block out the negative and “like” the positive which brings us happiness. With all the information directly at our fingertips we are open to curating our own individual style and mindfully tap into issues that we care about.

Dulux introduces 4 mindful themes; ‘Repair’, ‘Wholeself’, ‘Legacy’ and ‘Identity’ (All themes can be found at I gravitated towards Wholeself which describes the brain being in overdrive and the pantones suggested help to switch off the noise around your environment and clear out the mental clutter. Wholeself helps us to calm, declutter and reconnect with ourselves.


The tones chosen in the collection are soothing and help to switch off visually and mentally. In the bedroom use soft tones in camel beige (Lama), mauve pinks (Blind date) and clay (Italian Clay) to soften the room into a warm relaxed zone. For a chilled and relaxed retreat, use tones such as cooler beige (Shetland lace half), yellows (Limone) and cooler hues of blues (New life). The key to this successful trend is to gradually layer the tones from soft light beiges (Ecru) to darker tones (Italian Clay / Moodest Mauve) which adds depth. Using these tones will create a sanctuary in any bathroom.



Keep walls light and airy by using the lighter shade of the colour spectrum (Sliver Thaw), detail should be minimal but intriguing. When choosing furniture chose shades middle tones (Madame Mauve) add soft plush textures with velvets, cottons and leather, contrast with heavy knotted textures such as wool. Use the pops of colour for scatters and accessories (Limone, New life and Gold Dust). To tie the look together each piece in the room should have meaning and purpose that tells a story from the shape of the occasional tables to the handmade ceramic vase you bought in Italy which will personalize your space.


Which theme did you relate to? Leave your comment below.

Moroccan Style Bathroom

IMG_2537.JPGIf you’re looking to bring an exotic yet elegant feel to your home, you should consider elements found in Moroccan style which has become one of the popular trends in Interior design globally. It takes its roots from Moroccan architecture, which is a blend of several cultures surrounding the Mediterranean, North Africa, Persia and Middle Eastern influences that makes it unique and specific to styling a Moroccan home.

Due to its intricate patterns, bold colours, textures and designs it has a strong influence in both residential and commercial spaces. Below I will show you how we have transformed our small bathroom into a contemporary Moroccan style that’s timeless for years to come.

Colour scheme

Depending on the general look and feel you would like to achieve either calming, relaxing, atmospheric or moody, it can be overwhelming to choose the right colours. As the base to work from, choose a neutral colour that will work with and focus on patterns. For our base colour we have chosen a black and white scheme as it creates a timeless and contemporary look.

Texture & Pattern

Morocco is all about contrasting intricate bold patterns with texture for a modern look. We focused on the floor as the main feature and used oversized pattern tiles (150 x 150mm) with a slight texture for practically. The walls are in high gloss porcelain (1200 x 600mm), with grey veins replicating marble which slightly reflects the oriental pattern into the wall, making the space appear larger. This technique works perfectly for small bathrooms when the light reflects into the space.


We added matt black fixtures for the basin mixer, shower mixer and shower head. To neutralize the space, we brought in natural elements to add warmth such as a bamboo ladder to display towels. With the dramatic look of the oversized patterned tiles, choose a few contrasting towels, a pop of colour such as mustard, emerald green or peacock blue paired with striped Turkish towels with a tassel border.


For a tropical luscious look add banana leaf plants or for a slender look fill your bathroom with the Sansevieria (snake plant) which adds great architectural form to the room and purifies the air. Add planters in woven baskets that are plain and patterned. Remember to add plants that don’t need additional watering, but get hydrated from the steam of the shower.

The key to this trend is mixing modern and exotic elements with natural textures paired with oversized patterns. As we think of Marrakesh and the ambiance that lives in the city, add lots of candles and fragrances for a full experience.

Does this look appeal to you? Leave a comment below.

Modern Boho Entrance


We all have that empty space as we walk into our homes. Thought of adding a pop of colour, a mirror or wall hooks at the entrance but cannot make up your mind as how to place it? With a few simple additions you can Shop the Look and bring eccentric yet relaxed Modern Boho Styles to your space.Shop the look Boho

We first start with a dramatic wall colour which you can find at Plascon (Code Auberge #66). This colour grounds the room and emphasises the furniture in front of it. The Sideboard adds texture and natural tones to the space which can be sourced at Eleven Past. The oversized diamond shaped rug adds a bespoke touch and lightens up the entrance. These beautiful hand woven rugs can be found at Coral and Hive. For a touch of metallic, use round mirrors with brass edging, which can be sourced at Weylandts. Add artisan vases with seasonal plants for an organic look, paired with materials such as concrete and clay, sourced from Aura Furniture.

Does this look work for you? Leave a comment below.