This blog is directed towards a mindful design language and it’s common thread is based around Plamena’s design ethos and style. She thoughtfully selects topics for a simplistic approach to modern day living.

The Blog features; design topics, creative processes, new finds / products, designing the essentials. “I believe in a considered approach to design & consumerism.”

Creating a sustainable home one step at a time.

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  • Spring in mind- The Bathroom Essentials
    As a designer and homeowner who has recently renovated our contemporary bathroom in a timeless monochromatic palette, it is time to change up our bathroom ranges as these sunny teaser days are getting us ready for the warm weather. With the virus keeping us indoors recently, we may not enjoy… Continue reading Spring in mind- The Bathroom Essentials
  • Spring Wear with Lazuli
    Part 2 As the days are getting warmer we head into spring, we start engaging with the outdoors and a different way of life. Keeping to a comfortable, laid back look that is suitable to our new environment. In collab with Lazuli Clothing we carefully selected 3 simple looks that… Continue reading Spring Wear with Lazuli
  • A Modern Bedroom
    Simple, natural design was the inspiration for our loft. The warm colour palette, the vaulted ceiling adds an organic and raw aesthetic that complements our lifestyle and functionality of the space. When it comes to the home, I look at adopting a holistic approach to all aspects from the kitchen… Continue reading A Modern Bedroom